TEC.pngI just wanted to quickly share with you a great article that was just posted on the Technology Evaluation Centers blog. The author is P.J. Jakovljevic, an Industry Analyst who is recognized as an enterprise applications expert. Check out the article for his thoughts on Ariba LIVE and an assessment of the state of cloud B2B commerce today.


He captured the essence of what Ariba Discovery is all about pretty well in just a few sentences - see below. Personally, I'm excited about the concept of a commerce graph and being part of a team that is working hard to make it easier for companies to do business.

[C]ompanies can now even find new business through Ariba Discovery, a Match.com or eHarmony service of sorts for businesses that automatically matches buyers’ requirements with sellers’ capabilities. [...] The grand idea of Ariba Discovery is for B2B environments to be able to discover a new partner like we would find an old friend on Facebook (or an ex-colleague on LinkedIn), and procure or sell something as easily as buying/selling a book on Amazon or eBay. Just like we each have a social graph that maps our personal connections, companies also have commerce graphs that outline their business relationships. This is what cloud commerce is all about - leveraging the power of a network to make business commerce as easy as personal commerce. And this is the direction that things will continue to go at Ariba." - P.J. Jakovljevic, TEC Blog


Were you at Ariba LIVE this year? What do you think the future of commerce looks like? Share your thoughts in a comment.