Over the weekend, Ariba released a number of exciting enhancements for both buyers and sellers. The changes were part of two releases: Ariba On-Demand Release 11s4 and Ariba Discovery 9 (AD9). Below is an overview of the new enhancements.


Enhancements for Sellers

The 11s4 release makes it easier for sellers to do business across Ariba solutions. By providing a unified experience, the release has eliminated the need for sellers to remember numerous URLs, user IDs, passwords, and maintain different profiles for each buyer relationship. It will now be possible for Ariba sellers to have access to a broad range of Ariba solutions and capabilities in a centralized place.


Some of the key features for 11s4:


  • Simplified single step registration
  • Improved user and profile management
  • Single URL to access all sell-side Ariba solutions at https://seller.ariba.com
  • Framework for single sign-on across Sourcing, Contracts, Network, and Discovery
  • Single TOU across Ariba solutions
  • Ability to link user IDs and accounts

USE screenshot.png

Enhancements for Buyers 

The AD9 release makes it easier for buyers to discover new sellers on Ariba Discovery. Some of the biggest changes are around the redesign of the posting evaluation process and improvements to the user experience.


Some of the key features for AD9:


  • Improved posting close redesign
  • New posting creation flow to make the process more intuitive.
  • Improved local matching
  • Ability to add social media profiles to company profile pages
  • Buyer sourcing reports

    AD9 screenshot.png

To take advantage of the latest enhancements, log in to your Ariba solutions now to update your profile.