QSG.pngThe Ariba Discovery marketing team has published a new Quick Start Guide for Ariba Sourcing users. The document provides a step-by-step overview of how to use Ariba Discovery from within the Ariba Sourcing solution. It covers the following areas:


- How to create a posting on Ariba Discovery and get matched to new suppliers

- How to invite additional suppliers from your existing supplier database

- How to manage postings and responses

- How to close postings and import suppliers into Ariba Sourcing


Every step is illustrated by a screenshot that shows you exactly where to go and what to do. The guide also includes helpful tips on how to get the most out of your postings.


Download the Quick Start Guide as a high resolution file (7MB) for best image quality or a lower resolution version (3MB) for easier download.


For questions on how to use Ariba Discovery from within your Ariba Sourcing solution, please contact us at Discovery_Info@ariba.com.