Fotolia_45692356_XS.jpgThat’s right – a Fortune 500 company used Ariba Discovery to find suppliers that can make 5,000 custom banquet chairs and deliver them to Baytown, Texas. Rather than spending hours researching companies, this buyer spent a few minutes describing their buying needs in a posting – and within just a few days, had four seller responses to its RFP.


Yes, sourcing custom-manufactured goods can be this fast and easy – when you use Ariba Discovery. Companies are using it to source all kinds of goods and services – and one of the keys to finding the right suppliers quickly is providing the right details. You’ll want to:

  • Choose the specific commodities and sales territories relevant to the posting. Make sure to select all applicable commodities. You will get matched to suppliers based on your choices.
  • Provide a detailed description of your buying need, attach relevant documents, and specify supplier requirements such as:
    • Specifications on the services/goods required, preferred location, project amount, units, and contract length
    • Supplier certifications (like green, women, minority or veteran business), annual revenue, number of employees, years in business, and experience desired
    • Information that the supplier should include in their response
    • Your intention (evaluating or buying)


Applying posting tips and best practices like these help you get the most from Ariba Discovery!