Custom Canvas Bags.jpgTUI Travel Belgium, a division of one of the world’s leading leisure travel companies, is using Ariba Discovery to find a supplier to manufacture 100,000 custom canvas bags to their exact specifications. It’s a great example of how companies are using Ariba Discovery to source manufacturing services – not just material goods – needed to run their business. They have already received three supplier responses, thanks to visibility and matching through Ariba Discovery.


You’ll notice that the person who created the post included photographs and detailed specifications to help suppliers understand exactly what needs to be manufactured.  As a general rule, the more information you share in your post, the better supplier responses will match your needs – allowing you to save time managing supplier follow-up.  To create detailed posts:


  • Choose the specific commodities and sales territories relevant to the posting. Make sure to select all applicable commodities. You will get matched to suppliers based on your choices.
  • Provide a detailed description of your buying need, attach relevant documents, and specify supplier requirements such as:
    • Specifications on the services/goods required, preferred location, project amount, units, and contract length
    • Supplier certifications (like green, women, minority or veteran business), annual revenue, number of employees, years in business, and experience desired)
    • Information that the supplier should include in their response
    • Your intention (evaluating or buying)


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