Fotolia_39688052_XS.jpgHere’s an example of a company that understands the power of Ariba Discovery to source unusual professional services – not just products. In this case, the business wants to provide its employees with influenza vaccination services at its 150 locations. The right supplier must be able to set up onsite clinics in all US states and staff them with professionals with proper medical licenses and certifications.


This isn’t the kind of service most businesses already have a supplier for. Using traditional sourcing methods, procurement could spend countless hours researching companies on the Internet, contacting them, and qualifying them. Or they could try to find local service providers to do the job in each state or county where people are working. Imagine all of the suppliers they’d need to source and manage – and all the contracts that would have to be negotiated! Who has the time – or resources, for that matter?


But this company tapped the power of Ariba Discovery to do the bulk of the work for them. What did they have to lose? And it’s working – they have already received four responses, and with a few more days to go before the RFP closes, I’m sure they’ll see even more. Ariba Discovery accelerates the process by matching them automatically with the right suppliers to meet their needs.


Ariba Discovery can do the same for you. Whether you need a rather standard service – or a rather unusual one, as in this case – try Ariba Discovery first.