Consulting.pngOne of the many advantages of being an Advantage Plus seller on Ariba Discovery is the Consulting Assessment you receive with your subscription. An expert from Ariba Discovery reviews your profile, lead management and responses and gives you advice on how to optimize your presence and interaction with buyers. The goal is to refine how you use Ariba Discovery to maximize the impact of customer introductions and sales opportunities.


The assessment examines your goals and objectives, organizational structure, core capabilities and sales footprint, company profile, sales lead activity, and response quality. We also include an overview of the buying footprint to help you better understand the demographics of the buying companies using Ariba Discovery – insights that can help you better prioritize your sales and marketing efforts on Ariba Discovery.


Sellers consistently give the consulting service a high 4.5 rating on a 5-point scale. Here’s what one seller said about his experience:

“With Advantage Plus, I feel confident about Ariba account management. I was particularly impressed by the extent to which the Ariba Consultant focused on my Discovery Profile. I was startled by the level of care she demonstrated by her succinct, thoughtful and patient communication. I never thought an enterprise as large as Ariba, and with as many clients as Ariba, would pay such a quality level of attention to an individual client.” -- Matthew Stromberg, Senior Managing Partner, Viper Technology Services


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