Fotolia_41495068_XS_metal shelves.jpgBuyers tell us that one of the benefits of using Ariba Discovery is finding out that their existing, trusted suppliers can do much more than they thought they did. “We posted an RFP on Ariba Discovery, got matched to suppliers, and then realized that one of our existing suppliers bid on the RFP because they can do the job,” said one buyer. “We didn’t even know that they had that capacity!”


It’s a win-win for everyone when this happens. Buyers get to work with a trusted supplier with whom they are already connected and transacting with, reducing risk, hassle, and delays in getting what they need. Here's another example involving a leading beauty retailer who discovered that one of their current fixture suppliers could also provide the metal shelving they needed for a new project.

"I did an Ariba Discovery [posting] for metal backroom shelves and found out that one of our fixtures suppliers responded to the posting without knowing [we were] the buyer.  The company was awarded the RFP material and the process was seamless since they were already a current supplier with [us]. Had I not used Ariba Discovery, I would have had no idea the supplier was capable of providing a competitive price on metal shelves.”

Equally important, sellers get to sell deeper into their existing customer organization, strengthen customer relationships, and grow their revenue. For example, Next Day Toner, an emerging leader in the laser printer supply industry, was invited to compete for a large nationwide contract with a major national brand after the customer found out that Next Day Toner was already successfully serving several of the company’s local offices.


Consolidating more purchases with the same supplier can also open the door for better pricing – for example, through volume discounts and other incentives built into agreements. Perhaps your next purchase will help you reach the next threshold for a price reduction – you never know!