Podcast.pngLast month, BriefingsDirect released a podcast on how managing spot buying and tactical spending is giving a competitive advantage to both buyers and sellers. The podcast, which is based on research from The Hackett Group, explores the rapid adoption of better means to conduct spot buys, Ariba Spot Buy included. During the podcast, which was recorded at Ariba Live, we hear from Kurt Albertson, Associate Principal Advisor at The Hackett Group; Ian Thomson, Head of Business Development at San Francisco startup, Koozoo; and Cal Miller, Vice President of Business Development at Blue Marble Media. In the podcast, titled, "Hackett Research Points to Big Need for Spot Buying Automation Amid General B2B Procurement Efficiency Drive" you will also hear how these companies are improving their business productivity and sales, along with building far-reaching relationships with new partners and customers, by making spot buying a new competency. To learn more, listen to the podcast here, and read case studies from Koozoo and Blue Marble Media.


For more information visit the Ariba Spot Buy page: www.ariba.com/go/spot-buy


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