gold.jpgThere’s something valuable to be gained from every lead that comes from Ariba Discovery. But it’s up to you to do what it takes to turn each lead into “gold” – whether it’s in the form of new sales revenue or market insight, for example.


You’ll generate more leads when you apply the strategies shared in my first two articles, which focus on delivering what buyers really want and making every customer interaction exceptional. In my last article in the “Yes, You Can Win Your Next Bid!” series, read about how to make the most of every lead. 


  • Strategy #4: View every posting you receive as a win.

Sure, your primary focus may be to cement new relationships and land contracts. But each Ariba Discovery posting you get also provides valuable information that can work to your advantage—helping you identify emerging market opportunities and buyers that are actively purchasing in your commodity area, as well as specifics about what they need. Even if you don’t always come out on top, you can use what you learn to hone your response and approach, increasing your chances for future success.


  • Strategy #5: Uplevel your results.

Subscribing to the Ariba Discovery Advantage or Advantage Plus package is one of the best ways to convince buyers you’re serious about wanting their business. Through premium profile features, higher display rankings in buyer search results, expert consulting services (at the Advantage Plus level), and other useful resources, these programs make it easier to distinguish your company from competitors. Depending on the package you choose, you can:


    • Respond to buyer postings matching your business for free.
    • Give buyers extra confidence in doing business with you by adding your D-U-N-S® number to your profile and responses.
    • Create a premium company profile page and prioritized listing in buyer search results, which increase the chances of buyers contacting you.
    • Do in-person Networking at Ariba LIVE, as the Advantage Plus subscription comes with a free ticket (valued up to $1,399 USD) to one of the two Ariba LIVE events in the United States and Europe.
    • Gain greater marketing exposure with unlimited ProfilePitches, customized messages designed to target different buyer audiences right within their Ariba Sourcing solution, increasing the chances of Ariba buyers noticing you first.
    • See which buyers are interested in your profile and how many times your profile page was visited.

Many of these options and programs can significantly boost your visibility among Ariba Discovery buyers—with Advantage subscribers attracting three times more views than those at the Standard level, and Advantage Plus sellers garnering nine times as many.


Explore the benefits each level provides and sign up on this subscription overview page.

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