Ariba Discovery has paired with ThomasNet, adding over 100 years of industrial, MRO, and OEM buying knowledge to enhance Ariba Discovery’s proven buyer and supplier matching service. This means buyers’ purchasing needs will be matched even more effectively to quality industrial  MRO and OEM suppliers. In addition, ThomasNet’s 600,000+ industrial suppliers are now integrated into Ariba Discovery; meaning even more capable suppliers are able to view and bid on buyers’ needs. Better industrial MRO and OEM buyer and supplier matching capabilities and added competition equals buyers saving time and money on their purchasing needs.


Let’s take a look at some of the suppliers:WE.png

Ariba Discovery allows buyers to indicate their supplier requirements from the beginning so  they only receive bids from suppliers that are qualified. Let’s say a buyer wants to find a supplier that has over one billion dollars in annual revenue, they may come across W.W. Grainger or MSC Industrial. Or maybe a buyer needs to find a women-owned or minority-owned supplier that can ship to Alaska, they may come across Wholesale Electric Supply Company of Houston which is both certified woman-owned and can transact globally. Best of all, the company's rich supplier profile shows a buyer that this company was founded in 1951 and has over 25,000 transactions on Ariba. It also shows the number of transacting relationships and total transaction spend for this supplier. This type of information – which is part of every supplier profile – is displayed as part of the “Ariba Commerce Cloud Activity”, allowing buyers to see how much transacting business a supplier has received from other buyers on the Ariba Network and how many other buyers have trusted each supplier to conduct business with before.



Let’s take a look at some of the products and services:

Buyers using Ariba Discovery now have the ability to reach suppliers offering over 67,000 product and service categories ranging from ammonia removal equipment to construction site haul away services, industrial lenses and mirrors to pollution investigation services. The way to access suppliers in these categories is simple: Just go to and create a posting describing your buying needs, and you will get matched to qualified MRO and OEM suppliers on Ariba Discovery and ThomasNet.



Ways to access:

Ariba Discovery is a free service integrated directly into other Ariba solutions. Check out the Quick Start Guides for Ariba Sourcing and Ariba Procure-to-Pay. You can also access it for free through the Ariba Discovery website without the need for any other Ariba solution. Download the Ariba Discovery for Buyers Datasheet for more information.



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