EI_PACKEXPO.A51706f2a77131914649969.jpgKris Hart, Account Executive, LLT Bar Code & Label was feeling the pain of unproductive, old-fashioned ways of finding leads. Catalog shipments and direct marketing campaigns were becoming expensive and cold calling from purchased lists was time-consuming and not generating the kind of responses he wanted. He had a hard time getting his foot in the door of large purchasing organizations and was having trouble competing with larger, more well-known national brands.

When he heard about Ariba Discovery, Hart decided to use a portion of his marketing budget to test the service. Hart signed up for the Advantage Plus package where he could send an unlimited number of responses to buyer postings at no additional cost. To enhance the value of Ariba Discovery, he also attended Ariba LIVE where he was able to network with large buyers already transacting on the Ariba Network.

Hart's very first response to an RFP proved successful as he was invited into a sourcing event where he won a two year, $400,000 contract. This contract was originally published as one year, but during the supplier qualification phase he was able to offer a much better price and negotiated the second year, doubling the initial contract. Hart was thrilled that his very first transaction on Ariba Discovery generated a significantly better ROI than any of his previous marketing channels. This considerably reduced the time and cost of lead generation and new customer acquisition.


“Ariba states its customers include Global 2000 companies that trade billions of dollars on the network, but somehow that sounded too good to be true. We decided to test Ariba Discovery to get some contacts to large buying companies at a minimum. We assigned a small portion of our marketing budget to Ariba Discovery and quickly found results much better than expected. We are excited to move more focus to Ariba now.” Kris Hart, Account Manager, LLT Bar Code & Label


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