As Ariba Discovery grows, both in the number of buyer postings and the number of buyers and suppliers on the Ariba Network, so too does the variety of goods and services suppliers are offering and buyers are requesting. Just take a look at what buyers are searching for on Ariba Discovery: one buyer is looking for over $100K in men’s underpants, a huge department store is searching for window cleaning services, a company in Florida needs $10K worth of piñatas, and another requires over $1M in brassiere manufacturing services. As unusual as these requests may sound, they are all receiving multiple responses from suppliers that are capable of fulfilling these orders.


Reading these postings naturally makes one wonder, is there anything that can’t be sourced using Ariba Discovery? This question is also the title to a new blog series which will explore a plethora of postings to put this subject to the test and see what can be discovered with Ariba Discovery.


Be sure to check back next week for the second blog in the series which will investigate the possibility of starting a new business using only Ariba Discovery to find resources.



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