7-scoop-ice-cream-cone.jpgLast week we introduced a new series, “What CAN’T You Source Using Ariba Discovery?” which explained how we came up with this concept. This week we dig into our first scenario: starting a new business. Can you use Ariba Discovery to find all of the resources you need to start a new business?



Let’s use an ice cream company as an example. The first thing we need is all of the ingredients. A quick search using the commodity selection feature on Ariba Discovery, and we can add the main ingredient in my favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate! This search turns up some really well-known suppliers, including Godiva and Russell Stover. We can also find suppliers for vanilla extract, frozen strawberries, cream, and sugar. Ariba Discovery allows users to search for each commodity separately or all of them together.




Next, we need an industrial mixer to make the ice cream. That can also be found under the “Culinary Equipment, Food & Beverage” category.  This search is very specific, but surprisingly returns 98 sellers, including Selo-Bollans Limited and Shaffer Manufacturing Corporation. We are also going to need a huge freezer to store the product. Another commodity search and we find AHT Cooling Systems and W.A. Brown, Inc.



In addition to making and storing the product, there will also be some indirect costs, including marketing services. Another commodity search returns multiple sellers, including Blue Marble Media and thinktank research. Next, we need a website created so we can sell our product online. This search shows us Strive Group, Siteworx, and IB Technology Solutions, Inc. Once the website is created, we will need to find a company that can ship our frozen treat without it melting before delivery. This search uncovers NFI Industries and Lion Logistics, Inc.



These Ariba Discovery searches returned sellers for every category we explored – from patent lawyers for secret recipes, quality control services, consulting services to get the new product into stores, packaging and logo design to obscure elements like a clown for a grand opening party and company-sponsored professional sports events. And of course we were able to find suppliers for ice cream cones and sprinkles.



Check back next week where Ariba Discovery is put to the test in a totally different way and we will explore the ABCs of Ariba Discovery.


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