abc_blocks.jpgWe are on a mission to explore the variety of products and services that one can source using Ariba Discovery. Last week, we tested the scenario of starting a new business and found suppliers in every category we explored.


This week, we will explore the ABCs of Ariba Discovery. With the help of some creative colleagues, we created a list of products or services starting with each letter of the alphabet. So, armed with this extremely eclectic list, we will begin a scavenger hunt of sorts, to discover suppliers that are able to fulfill each “order”, from A to Z.


A – Asbestos Removal – American Contracting Enterprises, Inc.

B – Bubble wrap – Fleet Packaging, Inc.

C – Compost – Cedar Grove Composting Products

D – Dry Cleaning – Sparkling Klean Service, Inc.

E – Exercise Equipment – Gym Source

F – Fireworks – Hi-Tech FX LLC

G – Gardening – Alkyha Defense & Logistics, Inc.

H – Hydraulic Pump – Eaton Corporation

I – Ice Machine – Supermarket Equipment Sales LLC

J – Janitorial Services – United Building Maintenance Corp.

K – Kennels – Star Pet Products

L – Leather – Leather World

M – Motorcycles – Carolina Rider LLC

N – Nitrogen – Air Liquide Industrial

O – Olives – Sirob Imports, Inc.

P – Personal Assistant – Montana Music Management Co.

Q – Quiches – Love and Quiches

R – Robot – Wolf Robotics

S – Skywriting Services – AirSign Inc.

T – Tax Preparation Services – CohnReznick LLP

U – Urinal – Elite Environmental Building Services, Inc.

V – Vacuum Cleaner – Vacuums Unlimited

W – Wetsuits – ScubaPro

X – X-Ray Machine – Oxford Instruments X-Ray Technology, Inc.

Y – Yo Yos – Lisa Frank Inc.

Z – Zippers – YCC Zippers



So there we have it – A to Z, we were able to find everything on the list! Check back next week for another fun test exploring the endless array of products and services that can be sourced using Ariba Discovery.



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