Ariba Network.jpgAriba, an SAP company, is beginning to close the books on another successful year. There are now over 1.2 million companies in 190 countries connected to the Ariba Network which they are using to collaborate and transact more than half a trillion USD in commerce. This makes Ariba the largest and most global web-based trading community in the world.


Companies around the world are attracted to the Ariba Network because they can leverage the cloud-based applications delivered on it to extend their existing systems and the value they deliver. EMC selected SAP’s cloud solutions to gain better visibility and seamless collaboration with its suppliers.


HGST Inc., a Western Digital Company, adopted Ariba’s Collaborative Commerce package together with SAP Supply Network Collaboration to increase compliance and controls with their catalog spend and enhance their accounts payable processes.


Sage Health Solutions, a small South African company, tapped into the Ariba Network to manage its business with the South African government, which uses Ariba as its procurement platform. Then it employed Ariba Discovery to fuel growth among hospitals and private sector organizations, and the results have been amazing.


Ruwaydah Tambe, Marketing Director, Sage Health Solutions, calculates that 80 percent of the company’s business now comes from Ariba.


“Since we began working with Ariba and receiving and responding to all of our tenders via email, we have been able to grow our business from almost nothing to a multi-million rand venture.”


As markets become increasingly global and competitive, Andrew Bartolini, Chief Research Officer for research and advisory firm Ardent Partners, expects more companies to join outfits like Sage Health Solutions in embracing the Networked Economy. “In today’s business climate, innovation and agility are how market leaders are creating and maintaining competitive advantage,” he says. “And business networks will play an important role in driving it.”


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