elves.gifLooking at some recent postings on Ariba Discovery, it appears that Santa’s elves are making some last-minute preparations for deliveries on their big night – Christmas Eve.


As December 24 is quickly approaching, the elves are in overdrive making sure they package the correct toys to each child on the Nice List. These posts for packaging labels and inventory services should help their organization efforts immensely. This year provided a record-number of children that made it to the Nice List, so the elves hired a forklift rental service to help manage the extra presents.reindeer.jpg


Although there are quite a few winter storms set to roll through the North Pole throughout the next few days, the elves are ready for blackouts with emergency lighting, ensuring the warehouse will operate at full capacity though any storm. If these winter snowstorms dump more snow on the North Pole than the elves can handle, they are also equipped with snow removal services.


To prepare for the actual delivery process, the elves make sure to tune-up Santa’s sleigh. Their post for maintenance and repair parts and services prove that the sleigh will be in tip top shape for Christmas Eve. In addition to the sleigh, the reindeer need to fuel up with nutritious food to make it around the world in a single night. The elves' post for over $100K of animal feed should be just enough for Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen.


Thanks to Ariba Discovery, the elves are sure to make Christmas Eve another success!




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