candy.jpgAs I look through the pages of postings on Ariba Discovery, I can always find a few that make me chuckle. Ariba Discovery buyers post the most interesting, unique buying needs, proving that you really can source anything through Ariba Discovery. These distinctive posts also helped inspire my next blog series: “Ariba Discovery’s Top Ten Interesting Posts of the Week”. I hope you enjoy reading these funny posts as much as I have.



10. Old Fashioned Candy – The owner of a country store in Michigan is looking to purchase $50,000 to $100,000 of old timey candy including: Chuckles, Red Hots, Candy Buttons, Sugar Daddy, Necco candy wafers, Root Beer Barrels, Junior Mints, Good & Plenty, Red Vine and more. View posting here.



9. Bathroom Sinks – An interior designer in Nevada is searching for a wholesale supplier of bathroom fixtures including sinks, tubs, and showers. The designer would also like a supplier who could do custom tubs including decorative claw foot bathtubs. View posting here.



8. Canoes – An owner of a bait and tackle store in New Jersey is looking for 8 to 12 canoes to be used for fishing. Aluminum canoes are preferred! View posting here.



7. “Club Wear” Dresses for Women – An online business based in Florida is looking to buy short and tight women’s dresses. They should be a variety of colors and prints, and must be very revealing, sexy, and unique. View posting here.



6. Adult Diapers – The owner of a pharmacy in New York is trying to find a supplier for adult, pull-up diapers. Any styles and any brands are acceptable. View posting here.



5. Rhinestone Embellished Crowns – The owner of an online bridal store based in New York is searching for rhinestone embellished crowns made of sturdy but non precious metals. All styles and designs are required. View posting here.



4. Toothpaste – A retailer in Florida is looking to purchase $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 of toothpaste. Brand name toothpaste is preferred, and they are looking to buy 2,800,000 - 15mL units. View posting here.



3. Fairy Gardens – The owner of an old fashioned country store in Michigan is looking to purchase “fairy garden kits” and accessories including but not limited to wood-look furniture, birdbaths, birdhouses, garden tools, miniature plants and more. View posting here.



2. Therapeutic Metaphysical Crystals – The owner of a therapeutic metaphysical business is looking for therapeutic metaphysical crystals, specifically genuine amethyst and japers. All types and colors are needed. Both small (hand held) size and large (body weight) sizes. View posting here.



1. Yogurt Lid Foil – A company in Malaysia is looking to purchase $10,000 to $50,000 of aluminum yogurt lids. Specific dimensions and images are included in this posting. View posting here.







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