poker.jpgThis week did not disappoint in interesting buyer postings on Ariba Discovery. Again, summertime seemed to be the overall trend in buyer postings: from outdoor umbrellas and beach balls to sunscreen and swimsuits, Ariba Discovery buyers are clearly preparing for the summer season. But in addition to the expected seasonal buying needs, there were some not so expected posts from buyers. Check out the list below for 10 of the most interesting buyer posts, and be sure to read last week’s list for even more funny posts. Here are the top 10:


10. Casino tables – The owner of a casino company in California is looking for a casino table supplier. This buyer is interested in Texas Hold’em tables.


9. Vegan chocolate chips – The owner of a new cookie business in Massachusetts is looking for a wholesale supplier of chocolate chips. They should be made of baking quality chocolate and should also be vegan. The chocolate chips should also be 42-43% cocoa.


8. Natural coconut oil – A small business owner in California is looking for a supplier of natural oil that will be used to make soap. This buyer is specifically looking for coconut oil in 5 lb. buckets. This must be RBD oil or refined, bleached and deodorized natural coconut oil.


7. Sour cream – A food manufacturing company in Georgia is looking for a wholesale supplier of sour cream and imitation sour cream. The company specifically requires orthodox kosher sour cream and is looking to purchase $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 worth of the product.


6. Arabian style chairs – A new furniture business in the United Kingdom is looking for an antique furniture supplier. The buyer needs chairs that are vintage style Arabian chairs, specifically chaise lounges. These should be made of high quality wood and may have silver inlay. The buyer needs a variety of fabrics for the seating, such as satin and velvet, and needs a variety of sizes, styles and




5. Human hair – A buyer in South Carolina requires a supplier of human hair. The buyer is specifically looking for 100% virgin human hair, preferably Brazilian. All colors and styles are needed.


4. Saddles – A buyer in Florida is looking to find a supplier for saddles and accessories. Some of the saddle products that they need are bridles, reins, cavesons, brow bands, girths and stirrups. The buyer also needs the following styles of saddlery related products - Western, English, Endurance and Trail. These products should be made of fine leathers.


3. Pageant Jewelry – A pageant store owner in Virginia is looking for a costume jewelry supplier. The buyer is specifically looking for necklaces and earrings. The jewelry should be silver and embellished with semi-precious jewels. The buyer requires all colors and styles.



2. Cereal – A food distribution company in Pennsylvania is looking for a supplier of hot and cold cereal. The buyer needs a wholesale supplier that can provide major brands such as Kellogg and Post. The buyer is looking for a wide selection of flavors such as Froot Loops, Cap’n Crunch, and Cheerios.


1. Hippie dresses – The owner of a seasonal beach shop in North Carolina is looking for a supplier of casual hippie style women’s dresses. The dresses should be made of cotton or rayon and a variety of styles, colors, and patterns. The dresses are one piece and should slip over the head without zippers or buttons.


Are you interested in learning more about any of these buying requirements? If so, simply click on the link embedded in each post description to review the public posting. If you are a supplier that can fulfill any of the requirements be sure to respond to the buyer right away. And remember, stay tuned next week for more of “Ariba Discovery’s Top 10 Interesting Posts of the Week” or visit Ariba Discovery now to find additional buyer postings.