jellyfish.jpgThis week Ariba Discovery was full of fascinating buyer postings. Clothing and accessories were the most popular items needed this week with posts for mesh hats, boys and girls shirts, golf shorts, women’s sweaters, trousers or slacks, dresses, vests, and jackets. In addition to these ordinary posts, there were also some extraordinary buyer requirements posted as well. Read on to see this week’s top 10 most interesting posts. Be sure to check out last week’s list for even more amusing posts.



10. Jelly fish protein – The owner of a nutraceutical company in Wisconsin is in search of a supplier of jelly fish protein called "apoaequorin." This dried jelly fish protein is used to make formulas for the nutritional pharmaceutical company. The buyer needs the dried jelly fish protein in kilogram sized containers.

9. LinkedIn marketing expert – A North American multinational company is in search of a LinkedIn marketing expert to provide LinkedIn page management services. This expert would: design the cover, profile and showcase pages, and groups; write unique content; increase brand awareness and generate B2B leads; and compile reports for management showing results such as ROI.



8. Televisions – A hotel in New Jersey is in search of a bulk television supplier so they can replace televisions in their hotel rooms. The hotel is looking for 215 television sets with 32” screens. Any brands are accepted.



7. Jars – A buyer in Colorado is in search of a supplier of glass jars. The jars should be 6 ounces and can be typically used for baby food. The buyer is looking to purchase $1,000 to $10,000 of jars.



suspenders.jpg6. Suspenders – The owner of an online boutique based in Virginia is looking for a supplier of suspenders and belts. They should be trendy, fashionable, and come in a variety of colors. All sizes, brands, and designs are needed.



5. Steel shelving and lockers – A national retailer is seeking a supplier of steel shelving and lockers. The supplier must also assemble and install the steel shelving and lockers. The supplier should have a National presence as the retailer has stores across the United States. Further specifications are provided within the post on Ariba Discovery.



4. Coated fabrics – An outdoor rain fly company based in Idaho is in search of a supplier of coated fabrics. Their product measures 18 feet by 25 feet and is made of polyurethane coated ripstop nylon fabric. The buyer is interested in purchasing fabric in two colors: royal blue and charcoal gray.



3. Powdered milk – The owner of an ice cream shop in Texas is in quest of a supplier of powdered milk and powdered cream. The shop owner uses the powdered dairy products to make his own ice cream which he then sells at his shop.


capes.jpg2. Alpaca capes – The owner of a fashion business based in Maryland is in search of a supplier of handmade alpaca capes. These capes are worn as outerwear just like a coat of a jacket. The buyer prefers handmade items so brands are not important; the only requirement is that they are made from alpaca. All styles, colors, and sizes are needed.



1. Jams – The owner of a store in a senior citizen center is looking for a supplier of jams and jellies for resale. The buyer would like at least 8 ounce jars of jam in various flavors including strawberry, grape, apricot, peach, and more.


Are you interested in learning more about any of these buying needs? If so, just click on the link embedded in each post description to view the public posting. If you are a supplier that can fulfill any of the requirements be sure to respond to the buyer right away. And remember, stay tuned next week for more of “Ariba Discovery’s Top 10 Interesting Posts of the Week” or visit Ariba Discovery now to find additional buyer postings.