This week Ariba Discovery was full of eye-catching buyer postings. Women’s fashion were all this week with buyer postings for fine jewelry, women’s hats, contemporary dresses, high fashion blouses, women’s handbags, women’s jeans, women’s shoes, and more. In addition to these typical posts, there were also some fascinating buyer requirements posted as well. Read on to see this week’s top 10 most interesting posts. Be sure to check out last week’s list for even more amusing posts.




10. Bikinis – The owner of a new online fashion boutique based in Florida is seeking multiple suppliers of women’s swimwear. These items need to be contemporary styles for women. The buyer likes all types of swimwear but really wants bikini style swimwear. These to be made of 100% synthetic materials, and all brands, styles, and colors are needed.



9. Trash bags – An export company based in Ghana is looking for a US based supplier of trash bags. The buyer’s goal is to bring US products to West Africa and West African products to the US. The buyer is looking for a bulk amount of kitchen or heavy duty trash bags to be shipped in bulk to Ghana. Any brand, size, or style is fine.



8. Quinoa – A food packing supplier based in New Jersey is looking for a bulk supplier of quinoa. The buyer needs 10,000 pounds of quinoa to be shipped to New Jersey. Five 2,000 pound super sacks or 50 – 100 pound sacks are acceptable.



7. Fast food restaurant uniforms – A fast food company based in Pennsylvania is searching for a supplier of uniforms. The ideal candidate will be a full service provider of design and manufacturing (printing, embroidery, etc.) specializing in quick service restaurants. Potential items will withstand all environmental conditions inside and outdoors: shirts, hats, jackets, fleeces, aprons, etc.



6. Leather gloves – A global manufacturing company is looking for a supplier of leather protective gloves. The buyer requires a manufacturer capable to produce 300,000 pairs per year - $500,000 to $1,000,000 annually. Gloves must be made of bovine leather, high quality sewing with elastic wrist. Sizes medium, large, and extra-large are required. Additional details are attached within the post.lipsticks.jpg



5. Lipstick cases – The owner of a cosmetic company based in California is seeking a custom or private label lipstick tube manufacturer. The buyer is specifically looking for black rubber tubes, black matte aluminum or plastic tubes, black bamboo tubes, etc.



4. Mobile homes – The manager of a mobile home park in California is currently looking for a supplier of mobile homes. The buyer is specifically looking to purchase two single wide mobile homes. The mobile homes have to be about $14,000 to $20,000 price range. The buyer is also looking to see if a mobile home manufacturer would be willing to provide a model mobile home and pay rent on the buyer’s space until it is sold.



3. Ladders – A large national retailer based in the United States is looking for suppliers to participate in an upcoming RFP for ladders and step stools.  Suppliers are not required to provide both items.  Quantities, ship-to locations, and all information to construct a bid will be provided in the RFP. The ladders needed are 4' and 8' fiberglass ladders that have a maximum capacity of 300 pounds. The step stools should be folding, two-step, metal stools, about 2' in height, with a maximum capacity of 350 pounds.


panty hose.jpg

2. Panty hose – The owner of a store in Michigan is looking for a supplier of women’s hosiery for resale within their women’s boutique. The buyer is in need of a suppler who can supply Spanx or reasonable competitors offering similar body control undergarments, control top, hosiery, plus sizes, and different colors.



1. Chicken feet – A Chinese company is in search of a supplier of frozen grade A and grade B chicken feet. The chicken feet should be: without yellow skin and nails, washed and clean, without feathers and bad smell, no blood and no black pads, broken bones (2%), no ice or water on the legs, and should weigh between 18 and 40 grams depending on the chicken breed.



Are you interested in learning more about any of these buying requests? If so, simply click on the link embedded in each post description to review the public posting. If you are a supplier that can fulfill any of the requirements be sure to respond to the buyer right away. And remember, stay tuned next week for more of “Ariba Discovery’s Top 10 Interesting Posts of the Week” or visit Ariba Discovery now to find additional buyer postings.