mm's.jpgThis week Ariba Discovery was full of eye-catching buyer postings. Spices and herbs appeared to be the most popular buyer needs this week with posts for onion, oregano, basil, garlic, dry ranch dressing seasoning, and spices and herbs blends. In addition to these typical posts, there were also quite a few intriguing buying needs posted on Ariba Discovery. Read on to see this week’s top 10 most interesting posts. Be sure to check out last week’s list for even more amusing posts.



10. M&M’s – The owner of a gift shop in Florida is in search of a supplier of candy for vending machines. The buyer is specifically interested in M&M’s brand candy. The M&M’s should be in 48 piece boxes. The buyer is interested in both peanut and regular M&M’s.



9. Olive dishes – The owner of an olive oil and vinegar spice shop in New York is searching for a supplier of olive dishes and serving platters. These items will be used for resale in the shop. All styles, colors, and sizes are welcome.



8. Mayonnaise – The owner of a catering company in Alabama is in search of a supplier of mayonnaise in bulk containers. Mayonnaise is an important ingredient in the buyer’s specialty chicken salad, their signature dish. The buyer likes Kraft brand mayonnaise but a similar brand is acceptable as well.



7. Medical mannequins – The owner of a new nursing school in Georgia is trying to find a supplier of medical education tools including medical mannequins. These mannequins should display skeletal structure, organ structure and other pertinent medical information. The mannequins should be plastic and have removable pieces so they can display multiple functions in the human body.


mac n cheese.jpg

6. Mac n cheese – The owner of a convenience store in Pennsylvania is looking for a supplier of mac n cheese and other shelf stable dry pastas. The items will be resold in the convenience store. The buyer is interested in purchasing mac n cheese, canned soup, and ramen noodles.



5. Back pillows – A physician in Florida is searching for a supplier that can manufacture their patented memory foam back pillows. The pillow design was made for optimal lumbar support and can integrate into chairs. The dimensions of the pillows are about 16 inches by 20 inches and are made from memory foam that is 2.5 to 4 inches deep depending on the style.



4. Bird seed – The owner of a pet supply store in Alabama is looking for a supplier of bird seed. The seed is for exotic birds including Finch, Amazon, and Macaw.



3. Hard hats – An oil field construction company in Texas is seeking a supplier of hard hats. The buyer is specifically looking for a continuous supply of class C, E, and G hard hats along with other safety equipment.



2. Sage bundles – The owners of a Reiki therapy shop in New York are seeking suppliers of sage bundles. The sage bundles are used for purification ceremonies and smudging. The buyer is also looking for sweet grass for similar use.



1. Digital signage – A packing solutions company in Virginia is trying to find a supplier of digital signage. Specifically, the buyer is looking to partner with a supplier that can provide a global digital signage content solution that is centrally managed but allows for local site administration of content. Cloud based solutions are preferred as well as compatibility with Chrome boxes.



Are you interested in learning more about any of these buying needs? If so, simply click on the link embedded in each post description to review the public posting. If you are a supplier that can fulfill any of the requirements be sure to respond to the buyer right away. And remember, stay tuned next week for more of “Ariba Discovery’s Top 10 Interesting Posts of the Week” or visit Ariba Discovery now to find additional buyer postings.