aquarium.jpgThis week Ariba Discovery was full of attention-grabbing buyer postings. Art supplies seemed to be the popular items of the week with postings for charcoal pencils, canvas for painting, paint brushes, oil based paints, and more. In addition to these typical posts, there were also quite a few intriguing buying needs posted on Ariba Discovery. Read on to see this week’s top 10 most interesting posts. Be sure to check out last week’s list for even more amusing posts.



10. Aquariums – The owner of a fish tank maintenance company in New York is seeking a supplier of aquariums and fish tank supplies. The buyer is specifically looking for products like: additives, air pumps and air stones, algae control, aquariums stands and hoods, automatic top off systems, controllers and monitors, decorations, feeders and dosers, filter media, filters, fish food, freshwater plant care,  freshwater specific heaters and chillers, lighting, and more.



9. Meteorological services – A large British Airline is looking for a supplier of meteorological services. The specific services include: provision of a meteorologist presence in operations control center, monitoring meteorological situation in airline’s destinations, provision of additional and higher fidelity forecasting than the state-provided standard, provision of meteorological training, provision of meteorological expertise and consultancy as required, and more.



8. Electric scooters – The owner of a bike and ATV shop in Alabama is searching for a supplier of electric scooters. All makes, models, and styles are needed. In addition to the electric scooters, the buyer is also looking for dirt bikes and pocket bikes.




7. Marketing services – A recording artist in Alabama is trying to find a supplier of marketing services. This buyer is looking for a marketing specialist that has experience working with the music industry and can help with the promotion of both music and merchandise. The buyer also needs help getting market exposure outside of their geographical market.



hospital_inventory_management_software.jpg6. Hospital inventory management software – A large university hospital in Ohio is in search of a supplier of hospital inventory management software. Specifically, the buyer is looking to find potential vendors to discuss a Perpetual Inventory System for their Materials Team.  The buyer wants to find vendors who have a web-based, passive perpetual inventory system for our Procedural areas and Operative Suites which will allow them to gain real-time visibility to inventory.   It is their goal to use this technology to standardize products, reduce waste, increase product security, and improve accuracy for patient charging while minimizing impact to clinical workflow.



5. Lace – The owner of a baby boutique in Canada is seeking a supplier of lace used to make baby bloomers. The lace needed is: white soft cotton blend stretch double ruffle lace, 2 cm width to 2.5 cm width (3/4" width to a 1" width) 2,880 meters (or 3,120 yards); bright pink double ruffle stretch - nylon/poly soft type blend (or cotton), 1 cm width (1/2" width) 37 meters (40 yards); and white with Silver shiny metallic edge double ruffle stretch - nylon/poly soft type blend (or cotton), 2 cm width to 2.5 cm width  (3/4" width to a 1" width)  37 meters (40 yards).



4. Vanilla – The owner of a candy and dessert company in Maryland is looking for a supplier of vanilla. The buyer is looking to purchase a bulk order of 2,200+ pounds of vanilla to be shipped to Maryland.



3. Meal replacement shakes – The owner of a health and beauty business in California is in search of a supplier of meal replacement shakes. All brands, styles, and flavors of these drinks are needed.



cake decorating.jpg2. Cake decorating supplies – The owner of a cake shop in Wisconsin is trying to find a supplier of cake decorating materials. The buyer is specifically looking for cake decorating supplies such as decorating tips, rolling pins, cake trimmers, stands, dividers, cake topper decorations, and more.



1. Natural dog treats – The owner of a domestic distribution company in Kentucky is searching for a supplier of natural, preservative free dog treats. The buyer would like to have the following characteristics in their dog treats: ingredients are simple, no additives, no nitrites, no garlic powder, organic chicken option if possible, and won’t leave a funky smell on hands.



Are you interested in learning more about any of these buying needs? If so, simply click on the link embedded in each post description to review the public posting. If you are a supplier that can fulfill any of the requirements be sure to respond to the buyer right away. And remember, stay tuned next week for more of “Ariba Discovery’s Top 10 Interesting Posts of the Week” or visit Ariba Discovery now to find additional buyer postings.