It is August, it is summer in Heidelberg, and it is and vacation time! We are about to spend two weeks in France and Italy.


This year I did our entire vacation home booking via a popular consumer to consumer lodging network.


I have to say, I loved it; the network I used has a huge selection of all type of places you can imagine all over the world.


The app is simple, it is really easy to search and find the perfect place for your holiday trip.

The booking process is straight forward with build-in payment process - no need to pay in cash or wire money.

Last but not least, all the communication between the two parties is done in the Cloud via the network site.


OK, so you’re thinking that’s just travel. Easy stuff. A network for business-to-consumer or even consumer-to-consumer interaction.

It can also be business-to-business. All of the above applies to the Ariba Network.


The Ariba Network is the largest and most global business network and we are continuing to see huge growth.


More and more SAP customers are connecting their SAP system with the Ariba Network, which will further increase the transactions going through the network dramatically.


This will therefore provide you with a unique opportunity to find new customer, connect with them, and increase your revenue.


The Ariba Network allows you to market your products and services, attract new customers, participate in sourcing events, negotiate contracts, receive purchase orders, and respond with purchase order confirmation and advanced shipment notice. Quickly flip your purchase order into an invoice and receive invoice status updates and payments through a single network.


It is simple for you as a supplier, the Ariba Network provides you with a single portal to connect with all of your customers who are using the Ariba Network.

Just a single user name and password is required. If you should run into issues this community, including all of our support channels, is at your service.


I will be back again in September. In the meantime enjoy the summer and hopeful find some time to spend quality time with your loved ones and recharge your batteries.


Additionally, you might want revisit your company profile in the Ariba Network to have it up to date and all the appropriate product and service categories, ship-to and service locations  and industries selected to ensure that you will be found by the buyers in the network.


Take the opportunity and turn the Ariba Network into your powerful B2B commerce channel.