As I returned from my vacation, I took time to ponder how my experience booking via an online network related directly to buying and selling on the Ariba Network, and how, as a seller, you can increase sales. 


Let’s go back to the beginning of my vacation planning. I started browsing the travel network for the perfect vacation spot.  We had to choose between taking a beach vacation (preferred by my wife) and a vacation in the mountains (my preference).  In the end, we compromised – we went to the beach.

It was great to have some time off and enjoy the summer. 


I used search criteria like location, number of beds, additional amnesties like kid friendly, wifi access, and more.  I reviewed the search results and looked at the provided information, pictures, and feedback from other users – this brings me to the first lesson learned


  • Sell yourself completely and honestly. 
  • Create an attractive supplier profile with correct and up to date information about your company and your offering.
  • Select all the product and service categories and ship-to or service locations your company can offer.
  • Add business, financial and tax information to you profile. • Link your Ariba Network profile to your social network and corporate webpage.
  • Add your D&B DUNS
  • Provide you certifications information 


I sent inquiries to the hosts of the apartments/houses which fulfilled my search criteria’s. I received many answers from potential hosts and was impressed by the many quick and friendly responses. 


Second lesson:  Act quickly. If you receive a discovery lead or an invitation to an event in your inbox react immediately – indicate that you are planning to participate and connect with the buyer.  In my booking request I asked for a child crib and highchair for my daughter. I shortlisted hosts which provided a positive response to my extra requirement. 


Next lesson: 


  • Be attentive.
  • Read the event information carefully and make sure you understand what is requested.
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out to the buyer via the build-in message functionality to get further clarification and details. 
  • Make sure when you respond to questions that you response is clear and correct. 


Some of the hosts provided special discounts for multi day stays which we used to further shortlist the offers. 


Concluding lesson learned


  • Plan to be the best option.
  • Learn what your customer is asking for, plan your strategy before the event, and provide a competitive price
  • In case of an auction you will receive feedback regarding the competitiveness of your offer and you are able to submit a better offer, therefore you might want to consider starting not with your best and last offer.
  • Read the auction bidding rules carefully – the buyer might have selected an auction type which has an automatic time extension of the event in case a bid comes in last minute.
  • In case of an RFP, the event does not any automatic feedback regarding the competitiveness of your price; therefore you might want to respond with a competitive response.