As a supplier, you know the value of Ariba Discovery™ as a resource for connecting with new customers and boosting business with current ones. But there’s another way to gain value from Ariba Discovery: by using it as a no-cost tool to find sources of supply for your own business purchases. A growing number of suppliers are taking advantage of this built-in flexibility to buy and sell from a single account.


“I initially looked at Ariba Discovery as an opportunity to sell to my customers, but now I understand it’s also a buy opportunity for me,” says Quentin McCorvey, Sr., president and chief operating officer of M&R Distribution Services. “I can use it to find other manufacturers and people to sell products to me, so I’m able to not only drive more costs out of my supply chain, but also be more competitive in the marketplace.”


The benefits of buying through Ariba Discovery

Using Ariba Discovery as a buyer gives you several major advantages, including:

  1. Lower costs, greater efficiency. It takes only about 10 minutes to create a posting that describes what you wish to purchase—helping you cut up to 90% of the time and 75% of the cost normally required to find and qualify new suppliers, and enabling you to reduce spend by 15%.
  2. Instant access to millions of qualified suppliers. With more than 1.5 million qualified suppliers in 225 countries covering 20,000 categories—including 30,000 with green or diversity certification—Ariba Discovery gives you access to a vast source of supply.
  3. A quick one-stop shop. A user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to submit postings, review proposals, and manage and respond to bids all in one place.


Getting started

If you have a current purchasing need, go to the Ariba Discovery homepage, enter a product or service category and location, and click It’s Free! Start Now. Then follow the prompts to describe what you wish to buy and invite suppliers to bid. If you already have an Ariba® Network or Ariba Discovery supplier account, your buyer account will be prepopulated with info about your business.


Tips to optimize your responses

Follow these best practices to improve the number and quality of bids you receive:

  1. Choose your product or service categories carefully. Make sure your selections cover all applicable product or service categories. This ensures that your posting will reach the broadest number of qualified suppliers in the Ariba Discovery community.
  2. Provide plenty of detail in your description. The more information you include, the better suppliers’ responses will be. In addition to describing the goods/services, quantity, location, and length of contract you want, you can request information on specific certifications or company characteristics, such as size, location, years in business, etc. You can also stipulate exactly how you want suppliers to respond, so they have a clear idea of the information you need to make your decision.
  3. Share information about your company. If possible, include your company name and buying profile to add credibility to your posting.
  4. Leave your postings open for a minimum of 10 days. This gives suppliers sufficient time to log into their Ariba Discovery account and put together a response.


Check out these posting tips to get additional suggestions.


Learn more

SAP Ariba offers plenty of resources to help you gain excellent results in your new buyer role. In addition to the step-by-step instructions available on Ariba Discovery itself, you can go to the Ariba Discovery web page, read the FAQs, sign up to attend a webinar.