A number of you asked about eInvoicing in Mexico during User Groups in Nashville.  As a result, I thought I would post our current intelligence as of last summer. 

In summary, Mexican cross-border eInvoices are possible right now; however, no domestic eInvoice is possible for Ariba. Certainly Ariba would like to do so, but the Mexican tax authorities make it impossible.  For customers with high domestic invoice volumes, Ariba’s invoice conversion services are an option.

Here is my understanding with respect to what is preventing us from performing eInvoice Mexico; there are the following show stoppers:

1. A specific (“Mexican XML”) standard has to be used for domestic invoice (our standard is cXML)

2. Per supplier an individual certificate (software based with qualified individual person binding) from a Mexican CA (only one CA exists so far, part of Mexican tax authorities)

3. If service provider is used: the supplier’s and a service provider’s certificates have to be used for signing the invoice data

4. A service provider needs to be operating all services in Mexico


5. A service provider needs to be accredited in Mexico

Penetrating the domestic eInvoice market in
Mexico with laws like this implies the need for a partner if such one exists or develops.  If you are interested in transacting in Mexico, let us know.  Ariba's Invoice Conversion Services may be an option in the interim.  Ariba Invoice Conversion Services allows buyers to achieve virtually 100 percent paper elimination by converting paper supplier invoices to electronic invoices using centralized, secure scanning, and double pass key entry or OCR.