Ariba continues to make investiments in global eInvoicing after key sales to European multinational buyers and as our US multinational buyers look to extend their eInvoicing programs beyond the US.  As a result, what's new at Ariba regarding VAT compliance for e-invoicing is as flows:

118 countries use the Ariba Network for B2B collaboration in 66 different currencies. Ariba’s eInvoicing solution is in use in 70 countries bringing paperless and VAT compliance to global commerce.

1. 2009 Tax Compliance Country Guides prepared by KPMG

Ariba revised its Tax Compliance Country Guides, which now include updates for Belgium, Finland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Switzerland. These additions were written and signed by KPMG. KPMG advises Ariba on interpretation of tax related invoice requirements and enhancements based on analysis of e-invoicing legislation for specific countries in regards to domestic, cross-border and intra-EU trade.

The resultant "Guide for creating VAT-compliant electronic invoices", which Ariba provides to end customers, both buyers and suppliers, summarizes the VAT legislation applicable in their country regarding electronic invoices and a summary of the technical process used by Ariba to achieve these requirements.  Contact your Customer Representative to obtain the latest version.
2. Ariba eInvoice Archival
Ariba now offers eInvoice Archival service through a partnership with Logica that provide customers requiring scalable, flexible and secure digital archival of documents. Customers no longer need to invest in and maintain costly legacy archive applications, servers, data centers, security solutions and support. And Ariba eInvoice Archival is flexible enough to take care of all Ariba documents as well as documents from other enterprise systems and workflows.

3. PDF Invoice (AN48)

Ariba now includes a PDF version of the legal cXML invoice in the archive ZIP file for buyers and suppliers. The customer may also obtain the PDF via the invoice portal. The PDF view of the invoice includes all VAT compliance related details of interest including eSignature information.

4. VAT Handling for 0% Tax Rate (AN48)

Suppliers can now better clarify if 0% VAT is zero rated versus exempt in a structured manner. This allows buyers to build more automated compliance logic in downstream validation processes

5. New invoice entry screens for suppliers make it easier for EU suppliers to enter tax at line level (AN48)

Redesigned eInvoice Entry Flows for Suppliers with input from 18 suppliers on advisory panel.  Faster more effective, intuitive, and efficient PO FlipTM and NonPO invoice entry for suppliers