A number of folks asked me about queue management at User Groups in Nashville.  If you are currently using the functionality please respond to this posting and share with the group how you are leveraging the feature.  In summary, here is what the feature was all about....




Problem: As our customers’ eInvoicing programs have matured and as customers have began using Ariba’s Invoice Conversion Services to support even higher volumes of transactions; we have taken steps to ensure our application adapts with the increased processing needs of our customers. Ariba’s group functionality supports workflow routings well when there are (1) limited numbers of transactions, (2) a limited number of users assigned to the group, and (3) users process transactions quickly requiring little analysis/research. Confusion occurs, however, when any of the above conditions is false. As transactions volumes increase, exceptions increase, approvals increase, and/or complex exception types exist; it becomes necessary to establish clear ownership of transactions.




Solution: With 10S1, Ariba has extended our group functionality to incorporate Queue Management.  Ariba’s Queue Management addresses the following business needs:




  • Provides tools to help buyers manage higher transaction volumes
  • Provides tools to help managers compress transaction cycle time and manage approvals/exceptions more effectively
  • Allows queue members to take clear ownership of transactions in a First-In-First-Out manner
  • Provides queue managers tools to analyze open transactions, balance workload, and reassign/expedite transactions.  Helps buyers minimize lost discounts


You may utilize this functionality for any existing approvable or routing rule without a reimplementation through a few simple configuration changes.  There is no need to rebuild workflow routings or need to engage our services organization and the functionality works for both procurement as well as invoicing routings.


Ariba’s Queue Management allows customers to process transactions using the following operating models:


10-23-2009 4-09-22 PM.jpg


For more details on queue management (pp. 6-11)  and other 10S1 features for On Demand buyers please consult the attached document.