Your suppliers are measured on their cash flow management and their ability to be paid on time, according to payment terms.  That's why we created Ariba Payment Management.  Our experience is that coupling an eInvoicing initiative with accurate, timely ePayments is a great way to incent suppliers to enroll and submit eInvoices.  As discussed during User Groups in Nashville, Ariba Payment Management is composed of the following two solutions:


1.  Ariba® Payment Automation

Ariba® Payment Automation is the foundation for Ariba’s payment management solutions. It allows buyers set up and manage traditional electronic payments with ACH using two connections: one using the buyer’s existing connection to its disbursing bank so that the bank can execute payments to suppliers, and one with Ariba for payment and remittance information to share with suppliers.


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Buyers may import payments to suppliers to the Ariba Supplier Network™ leveraging seamless integration with the buyer’s ERP system via pre-defined import routines developed for Oracle, PeopleSoft, and SAP.  Once payment is made from the buyer’s back-office ERP system – which is connected directly to the buyer’s disbursing bank – the Ariba Network sends suppliers detailed remittance advices that the supplier may obtian by logging on, email, EDI, or cXML.  Suppliers can use this detailed remittance to easily reconcile payments to the original invoice or order.

Key Benefits

Payment automation eliminates the costs of handling supplier inquiries pertaining to payment and remittance reconciliation – events that typically consume 30% of AP staff time. It also ensures that remittances don’t get lost or incorrectly correlated to invoices and the funds deposited in the supplier’s account.



2.  Ariba® Payment Professional 

Ariba® Payment Professional provides full payment integration with the buyerr’s disbursing bank of choice. Payment automation and remittance detail is enabled via a single connection to the Ariba Network.  The Ariba Network provides a safe and secure mechanism for enrolled suppliers to maintain their remittance name, address, and bank routing information, and makes it available to their customers using the Ariba Network for payment. This ensures that the bank routing information is accurate, and prevents the customer from having to maintain the information in their back office systems.


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With Ariba® Payment Professional, buyer’s send a payment instruction file (PIF) from your back-office system to the Ariba Network. The Ariba Network appends the buyer’s ACH payments with the bank accounts maintained by suppliers via self service.  The Ariba Network integrates with the buyer’s disbursing bank, and sends the PIF from the Ariba Network to the bank.  The PIF can include all payment methods (ACH, Check, Wire), but only the ACH payments get sent to the Bank. The bank sends the “successful” and “failed” payment status updates allowing buyers and suppliers to manage payment exceptions. The non-ACH payments are used to provide the supplier the detailed remittance advice for the payment your company transmitted – a total payment solution.

Equip Suppliers to Manage Bank Account Information
The Ariba Network provides a safe and secure mechanism for suppliers to maintain their bank-routing information and make it available to their customers using the Ariba Network for invoicing and payment. This not only gives suppliers more control over their data, but it also eliminates   the cost of maintaining supplier information and inbound inquiry calls from a customer’s AP department. This can represent significant process savings and efficiency gains for both buyers and suppliers.


The primary benefits of Ariba® Payment Professional include:

  • Increase ACH supplier penetration
  • Eliminate IT effort and costs associated with keeping connections established with banks for ACH payments
  • Real-time payment status monitoring and dashboard to manage failed payments and exceptions between the Ariba Network and your bank
  • Buyer choice of ACH Formats (CTX, CCD, CCD Plus) that drive down ACH costs while providing detailed remittance to suppliers. 
  • The Ariba Supplier Portal provides supplier self-service and assures accurate bank routing informatiwhile eliminating the need for the customer to maintain the information in their back office systems.
  • Eliminate control and Sarbanes-Oxley related-risks associated with maintain supplier bank accounts.