As many of you know, last December the UK reduced the standard VAT rate giving businesses only 5 working days' notice to accommodate this change.


Our experience is that it's important to have the right processes and architecture to support such rapid VAT related changes. Unlike some niche eInvoicing solutions (with limitted global coverage), Ariba has put the control of allowable VAT rates in control of the buyer via Ariba's eInvoicing business rules. When VAT rates change, there is no need for any our Engineering department to make any code changes; buyers and suppliers can respond when they want and how they want.  For example, buyers and suppliers may choose to leave the old rates in place for a time period they define until they submit all invoices created prior to the rate change.


As Ariba works with buyers and suppliers operating in countries around the world, we offer support via global office locations, multi-lingual staff, and a follow-the-sun approach. When a VAT rate change occurs with short notice like last year, Ariba mobilized our support team to assist buyers and suppliers prepare for this change and address any inbound queries. This was not the first time that the VAT rate has changed, so we found it important to be in a position to help customers respond quickly.  When these changes are identified, Ariba typically publishes solutions that our support organization can use to help folks respond the change.


Addtionally customers may obtain the solution selfservice via our support portal.  See link below...


Title: Change in Tax Rate and Any Configuration Changes Required for Invoices  URL:,,96469,00.html