The new 2010 Tax Compliance Country Guide is now available for your use and includes a new chapter for Sweden.  As with the previous version, this chapter was written and signed by KPMG.   These updates along with last year’s chapter for Finland reflect our customers' interest in expanding their eInvoicing programs into the Nordics and Benelux regions and their need for current information with respect to rules on content, digital signatures, the role of a 3rd party in facilitating the transaction exchange between buyer and seller, and archiving.


Additionally, we revised the spreadsheet that includes Ariba's business rule/configuration recommendation to include Sweden.  The business rule spreadsheet also includes updates resulting from Ariba’s last software release, AN48.  Ariba's delivery teams in GSO and SI use this spreadsheet as a starting point for developing and fine tuning invoicing configuration with buyers.


If you are interested in eInvoicing in Sweden, please contact your Ariba representative for the latest version of Ariba's Country Guide and the latest version of our business rule spreadsheet: