Last week, James Tucker - Director of Product Marketing for Ariba's Financial and Network Solutions - held a webinar on "The New Normal in Payables Outsourcing" to discuss the latest trends in outsourcing AP.  Since finance organizations are under pressure to find areas to cut costs, outsourcing the manual AP processes is a logical first step.  However, only 34% of surveyed executives reported they gained any important benefits and 49% would like to start their outsourcing project over.* 


What is the cause for the dissatisfaction of their outsourcing project?


As James discusses in the webinar, executive’s propensity to focus on cost cutting and reducing head count and without emphasizing the need for overall optimization is the key problem – unrealized potential and lost opportunity to innovate.  Successful programs have focused on not only cost reduction, but a solution and partnership that is flexible, innovative


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*“Outsourcing Programs Hampered by Poor Planning and Narrow Focus on Cost Savings” – Deloitte, February 2008