The revised 2010 Tax Compliance Country Guide is now live on Knowledge and available for your use and includes a new chapter for Luxembourg and updated chapters for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore.  As with the previous version, these chapters were written and signed by KPMG.  The "sign-off" by local tax KPMG expert is included at the end of each country specific chapter. 


A second update for Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore is in progress to better clarify mappings to the Ariba solution; however, in the interim, we wanted to get you all the latest and greatest eInvoicing information with respect to local laws. 


The revised Country Guide also includes information regarding the new PDF View of Invoices feature that went live in AN48 Service Pack 4.  Certain countries require that taxable entities produce records in a human readable form for visual inspection to tax authorities within a reasonable timeframe. Up to Service Pack 4, buying organizations and suppliers could use the cXML Viewer to upload a file containing the cXML invoice to generate a human-readable representation of the actual invoice data. This option did not allow viewing of invoices in human readable format in bulk.


Now, PDF view of invoices provides buying organizations and suppliers with a faster and easier method to provide human readable invoice copies in bulk if requested by a tax authority during an inspection. The PDF invoice view includes all invoice details as well as eSignature information.


Enabling PDF View of Invoices


To enable PDF view of invoices, contact Ariba Customer Support.


Recommended business rule updates


We also added columns for Luxembourg and Denmark to the spreadsheet with Ariba's Business Rule recommendations.  If you are interested in eInvoicing in any of the above countries, please contact your Ariba representative for the latest version of Ariba's Country Guide and the latest version of our business rule spreadsheet: