The revised 2010 Tax Compliance Country Guide includes anew chapter for Austria.  Our strategy with respect to country guide production is to ensure that Ariba has independent verification for each of the countries for which we believe we have a paperless compliant solution.  As you may have noticed, the cadence of our country guide production continues to increase as we work to meet this goal.


From a compliance and risk mangement standpoint, the strength of the Ariba solution in Austria is very similar to other European countries;  it's that we have the right end-to-end controls from enrollment through preparation, receipt, and processing of invoice data.




The following are a subset of such controls which set Ariba apart from other e-Invoicing service providers:


Ariba provides a click through agreement that includes “an electronic invoicing mandate” that suppliers "Accept".  NOTE: We recognize in rare instance some countries, such has Bulgaria, require paper agreement; this also can be supported where necessary.Some competitors always use a manual paper driven enrollment process that adds complexity and delay into the enablement process.
Ariba has the appropriate general, European, VAT and Austrian fields and business rules. 
    Few providers have the depth of Ariba especially when you take into account what can be done using Ariba's workflow in Invoice Pro and P2P.
    Ariba signs with the appropriate local signature required by country specific tax authority.  Please note that Ariba's CA in Austria is“A-Trust Gesellschaft für Sicherheitssysteme im elektronischenDatenverkehr GmbH”. A – Trust is listed as a certification service provider which complies with the Austrian Signature Act.Some competitors use a certificate as required by another country (not that as preferred by Austria) to approximate the requirement.  When evaluating invoicing solutions, verify your potential/existing providers use the appropriate certificate.
    Ariba performs an additional signing and verification roundtrip if From and To countries are different .Some competitors only apply single signature and even then that may not be the appropriate signature for either country.
    Ariba's e-Invoicing process and workflow is engineered to support e-Invoices rather than an adaptation of a paper invoicing process.Some competitors are reliant on 3rd party solutions engineered for scanning and paper driven workflow.
    Ariba has a robust adapter strategy and controls to ensure invoice data is received behind the buyer’s firewall.Some competitors only deliver e-Invoice to an Inbox in the "cloud".
    The Ariba process results in the signed and verified data loading into buyer’s ERP system.Some competitors only sign the PDF.
    With the Ariba process, the invoice data loaded into the ERP is the original, legal invoice.By only signing the PDF, some competitors lack the controls to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the data loaded into buyer's ERP.
    Open archiving approach that has the flexibility to aligns to the buyer’s and the supplier’s eArchiving strategy; Ariba retains buyer and supplier customers by creating the most value of any other solution.Some competitors retain customers by holding the buyer's and supplier's data hostage.

    See Ariba's Country Guide for more details on how the Ariba solution maps to the Austrian requirements. If you are interested in e-Invoicing in Austria, please contact your Ariba representative for the latest version of Ariba's Country Guide.