The article that appeared in today’s Chicago on the digital receivables auction highlights the value of a business network to suppliers that can’t tap traditional credit sources for needed cash.


Ariba partner The Receivables Exchange is providing a valuable source of financing for small and medium-sized businesses. The longer it takes for these businesses to get paid, the more valuable this type of funding option becomes.


Receivables financing is an example of how organizations are exploring new ways to better manage their working capital. In today’s business environment, shoring up working capital management processes has become a priority for organizations of all sizes.


The recently published APQC study, “Working Capital Management: New Strategies for Maintaining Financial Strength through Economic Cycles,” documents actions that leading companies are taking. The report includes survey findings and interviews with CFOs and other senior finance executives on strategies for improving working capital performance. In it, you may find ideas that your organization can put to good use.