The revised 2010 Tax Compliance Country Guide V36 includes a new chapter for Cyprus.  As with previous versions, this chapter was written and signed by KPMG.


Council Directive 2001/115/EC (the “Invoicing Directive”), which allows e-Invoices to be used in VAT calculations, reports, and archives for tax audits, was implemented in Cyprus on May 1, 2004 allowing for the use of Advanced Electronic Signatures or EDI.  The Internet website of the Cypriot Ministry of Finance is the following:

The primary principles associated with the VAT regulations that were presented in the Invoicing Directive have been maintained in Cyprus’s implementation of that Directive, specifically:

  • invoices can be transmitted electronically if the purchaser agrees to receive them in the electronic format;
  • invoices can be issued by sellers or buyers;
  • a company can outsource e-Invoice and e-Credit note issuance to a third party;
  • self-billing is recognized as an invoicing practice.
The statutory background can be found in the Regulation 11A, of General Regulations, KDP 314/2001.  Information about VAT issues can be found on the Ministry of Finance web site.

If you are interested in e-Invoicing in Cyprus, please contact your Ariba representative for the latest version of Ariba's Country Guide.