Did you know that Ariba is active in the European Committe for Standardization for Electronic Invoicing?


Aribians Olaf Schrader, Senior Manager Supplier Enablement, and Roger Nyberg, Senior Product Manager EMEA Invoicing, are both active members in the European Committee for Standarzation.


This is one way that Ariba uses to make sure that our solutions meet the needs in Europe and our solutions comply to legal rules in Europe.


CEN is a non-profit organization that provides a platform for the development of European Standards.  CEN's 31 National Members work together to develop these publications in a large number of sectors to help build the European internal market in goods and services, removing barriers to trade and strengthening Europe's position in the global economy.


Ariba is participating in the workshop "Electronic business and commerce - eInvoicing" in sector "Information and Communication Technologies".  The aim of this European-wide community platform is to provide users with easy access to eInvoicing (good practice guidelines as well as country-related eInvoicing information.


The workshop is now in its third phase with the overall target of “Integration of efforts in standardisation and developments” in the following areas:

  • Standards (e-invoicing modules for business software, methodology of software tools, functionalities and specifications for business software requirements
  • Compliance (improvement of cooperation between companies and tax authorities, establishment of clear common understanding between companies and tax authorities in EU, accessibility of rules and regulation)
  • Implementation (best practice implementations with model agreements for electronic invoicing, model processes and SME focussed best practices)
  • Business Process (integration of electronic invoice in existing business processes)


Ariba is particularly active in the workshop that is focused on the development of sustainable compliance guidelines for electronic invoicing to be used by companies across Europe. The aim is to produce a simplified version of the eInvoicing Compliance Guidelines taking into account all current and evolving principle issues to be observed – legal and technical as well as the perspective of taxation and auditing.


To learn more about CEN, please visit: http://www.e-invoice-gateway.net/













































The e-Invoicing workgroup has regular meetings in Europe