As an early adopter of EDI, GSK North America was able to convert large suppliers to an e-invoicing process. But that still left nearly 50% of its invoice volume on paper.


Al Barbee, director of North America Shared Financial Services, GlaxoSmithKline, discussed how GSK North America is using Ariba solutions for PO and invoice automation to attack the remainder of its paper. Al was the guest speaker on our Best Practices webinar this month. Among the benefits of e-invoicing that he touted in his presentation was a reduction of invoice processing costs by more than 60%, the ability to enroll 1500+ suppliers in 9 months, and 85% e-invoice penetration by May 1 of this year.


Al’s presentation explored many elements of his e-invoicing initiative, including an overview of the solution, the supplier enablement process, dealing with supplier objections, and lessons learned.


The presentation also featured extensive Q&A, as the audience was quite engaged. As always, we’ve recorded the webinar for future playback. So for those of you who missed the live presentation but want more insight into e-invoicing, set aside time to listen to the recording.