One of my favorite TV series of the 1990s was "Tool Time," starring Tim Allen. I share his knack for wreaking havoc on just about anything I tackle with a hammer, wrench or drill.


A recent example: a clogged bath tub drain. I started with a plunger, added a vinegar-baking soda blend for back up, and then launched a final vigorous assault with a plumber's snake, which could only descend a few inches down. The  fruits of my labor were some small strands of hair. The drain remained clogged. I phoned my neighbor, a home improvement guru, who suggested a simple fix. The drain cleared after I flipped the metal lever that opened it.


Aren't many of you having the same problem struggling to push paper invoices through your organization? You can only throw so many people at the problem. And if your staff is consumed with data entry, account coding, tracking invoice errors, or responding to supplier phone calls about invoice status, you're not only wasting time, but a lot of money.


Moving from paper processing to electronic processing of invoices is much like opening the drain plug on that bath tub. The invoices flow through quickly, invoice errors are eliminated, and AP productivity soars.


Want to learn more about the business value of e-invoicing? Come hear Jeff Halper, director of procurement, Maxim Healthcare, discuss his path to paperless invoice processing at PayStream Advisor's Expedition to P2P Conference in Kansas City, September 19-21.


For a preview of what Jeff will have to say, click here.


Hope to see you in Kansas City (without my plumbing tools).