With an increased sense of urgency, companies are automating the invoice management process. But many end up simply passing bad invoices to their AP departments faster. A new breed of cloud-based solutions ensures that only the good ones get through.


Smart invoicing can help AP organisations take their performance and efficiency to the next level. But identifying the right solution is absolutely essential to success. Smart invoicing is about more than transforming paper documents into electronic ones. To drive results, a solution must: 

  • Eliminate (not automate) errors at the source
  • Permit suppliers of all sizes to easily and inexpensively connect
  • Dramatically reduce the quantity of paper handled, stored and matched
  • Improve supplier collaboration
  • Match purchase orders, receipts, and contracts to invoices
  • Accommodate varying degrees of supplier technical sophistication
  • Allow 100 percent capture of invoice volume
  • Improve compliance across contracts, preferred vendors, and global e-invoice tax regulations
  • Provide visibility into cash flow
  • Remove latency in invoice and payment processing
  • Reduce the volume of supplier inquiries
  • Offer multi-lingual, multi-currency capabilitie
  • Provide global, localised support for a company and its suppliers


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James Tucker

Global Director, Ariba, Network & Finance Management Solutions