How many times have you made a decision based on the wrong information? Having the right information is key in being successful. That’s why having accurate data is critical to everyday function.  For example, data mining,on inaccurate and “DIRTY DATA” can be a waste of time for the data engineer and the data requestor. If the requestor bases their decisions on faulty data, it could hinder their outcome. Data integrity plays a bigger role than most people anticipate. Most of the reasons data get’s dirty is laziness, poor input planning processes and lack of consistency input.

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Who in your organization cares about the quality of your data?

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Ariba has been assisting customers through their spend management journey’s for over 15 years.  What we commonly see is that over the years, companies have not had standardization around entry into their Vendor & Service Masters, Material Masters, as well as ERP Data.  Good news is this Ariba provides a Data Management service that is agnostic of your Ariba technology. 


Good data in = Good data out!  What affect does good data have?


  • Accurate Invoicing
  • Proper Spend Management
  • Cost reduction
  • Audit Compliance
  • Increase Service Levels
  • No Stock-outs
  • Reduced Expedited Orders
  • Reduced Risk of Down Time
  • Contract Compliance
  • Procure with certainty
  • Track Supplier Performance
  • Spend Visibility / Planning
  • Decrease Holding Costs
  • Reduced materials on-hand
  • Improved Cash Flow


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If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of cleaning up your data, reach out to your Customer Account Manager, Account Executive or email me, for more information!


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