Many organizations are leveraging the Ariba Network for PO invoicing to improve efficiency and enforce compliance. PO-Flip®, an innovation from Ariba that earned the company a registered trademark, is a proven solution embraced by many buyers and suppliers on the Ariba Network to achieve those objectives.


Now, more organizations are looking for ways to get the same level of process efficiency and compliance with non-PO invoices, and contract invoicing is serving that need. With Ariba contract invoicing, you can enforce compliance to a contract by enabling invoicing from contracts and automatically matching invoices to contracts. Ariba contract invoicing also provides automated account coding.


In recognition of the business impact of this e-invoice innovation, Ariba last week received the "Technology Excellence Award" from PayStream Advisors, a leading independent research and advisory firm that examines trends and strategies on the automation of back-office financial operations such as accounts payable, accounts receivable and and treasury. Henry Ijams, PayStream Advisors founder and managing director, cited the ability of Ariba contract invoicing to prevent contract leakage as a valuable feature that can deliver substantial cost savings.


To hear how Ariba customers are getting results today with contract invoicing, you can access the recording of the contract invoicing session at Ariba LIVE 2013.