Electronic invoicing is gaining traction around the world. While the productivity breakthroughs meet the demands of a digital economy, the drivers are often government mandates to move off paper and go electronic.


That’s the case in Latin America, and Ariba has responded with e-invoicing capabilities that satisfy the stringent tax compliance regulations in this region. With the latest Ariba Network release, e-invoicing support extends to Colombia and Chile, while also bolstering existing e-invoicing capabilities in Mexico and Brazil. With these enhancements, Ariba supports VAT compliance requirements that cover more than 90 percent of the world’s GDP.


Here is latest tax invoicing support available through the Ariba Network:


Chile and Colombia - Organizations in these countries can automate the invoice submission process and guarantee that their invoices are current and valid.


Services Invoicing for Sao Paolo, Brazil – The complex requirements for creating tax invoices for services in Brazil vary by locality. Today, Ariba delivers an end-to-end services invoicing solution that includes support for signing, submission and receipt of invoices from Sao Paolo, and delivery of these invoices to the buyer.


These new capabilities extend Ariba's existing e-invoicing support for Brazil and Mexico. Last year, enhancements to the Ariba Network enabled electronic invoicing for these countries, along with an e-invoice archive and audit trail for additional business controls.


Here are a few benefits from Ariba e-invoicing in this region:


•          Suppliers can create invoices through simple steps with no need to translate to Ariba’s format

•          Configurable business rules on the Ariba Network help ensure compliance and eliminate exceptions during invoice creation

•          Seamless buyer integration in a standard cXML format

•          All inbound invoices are validated and securely stored before they are passed to the Ariba Network and to customers’ systems

•          Sellers are guided through an on-boarding process with practical training and comprehensive documentation


By extending e-invoicing support to these countries, the Ariba Network helps global organizations expand their e-invoice initiatives to these fast-growing Latin American markets.