Q: EProcurement systems (e.g. Procuri) often require buyer's time in training vendors on interacting with procurement, which is sometimes counter-productive. How do you advise on that?



A: Best Practices recommends training suppliers via webinars in groups.  There are usually two types of training:


  1. Training on the customer's initiative and use of the online tools for registering, viewing and receiving orders, sending invoices, publishing content.  This can be recorded for future “on-demand” training. 
  2. cXML/EDI training- for customer specific edi/cXML requirements and interfacing with the Network via these methods. This may require a more "hands-on" approach
The software vendor can also be engaged to handle this training for you even post go-live.


Ariba has generic web-based trainings (avail on supplier.ariba.com) where we direct suppliers who are first timers for help.


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