Q: Since buying services is different from goods, would you recommend two different systems?



A: Companies that look at their procurement in a holistic manner understand that it is impractical to have separate solutions for every type of spend category.  Services in particular have unique attributes for every type of services.  Temp labor has to track time, Consulting may have milestones, fixed fees, time and expense or a combination, print is concerned about, stock, size, color/B&W, etc. Lay on top of that hard goods, Market Research, SOW’s, Legal Services and others and you could potentially end up with more than 10 different solutions!  Additionally it becomes more difficult to track the spend, especially in a large enterprise that has multiple financial systems. 


Look for a solution that is flexible enough to perform well for all your services and goods needs. It may not have every bell and whistle but it will handle your daily requirements. Also if you have multiple ERP systems look for a solution that can unify the data and provide for centralized administration.


Myths, Pitfalls and Realities around Services Procurement Replay