Last week we had a terrific webinar with Ann Kildahl from Target Corp provided real life experience from one of the nation's largest retailers.   Additionally Category Manager Nick Cherrone covered current industry trends and best practices.


Some key areas that were covered included:

  • Trends
    • Demand reduction supports a buyers market - Now is the time to source
    • Customers are demanding faster and shorter runs, forcing printers to find ways to increase speed while maintaining profit margins.
    • Transition to Digital Technology-  Cost per page declining and becoming more competitive with offset press for more print jobs
    • Negotiated sourcing will not insure savings. 
  • Best Practices
      • How to automate Print Procurement
      • Reduce number of tools used and improve Spend Visibility
      • Streamline business processes
      • Provide standard information for a print job (press requirements, # of pages, # of folds, inks, etc., distribution
      • Establish a preferred supplier list with each supplier having a negotiated rate card.
      • Provide framework for compliance
    And perhaps most important for a successful program is listening and partnering with your internal client, primarily marketing.


    Stay tuned for answers to audience questions starting tomorrow.


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