Q: What "out of the box" Ariba solution does Target use?

A: Target has the Ariba behind-the-firewall Procurement solution called Buyer, with Print, temp labor and consulting services categories enabled as well as goods.  There is also a SaaS or on demand version available.


Q: Did your customized solution have a "bid and award" component and how does that work?

A: The Ariba out of the box solution provides for a bid and award component called collaboration: 1.During the users requisition process, the user enters the requirements and is presented with a list of suppliers that are recommended or required to receive the invitation to propose. 2.At this point there may be an optional approval point.  3.The user may add additional suppliers. 4.Suppliers will receive notification of the request and will deliver through the application their proposals and alternative proposals. 5.Proposals will be evaluated and clarifications and counters can be dialogued with the buyers and sellers through the system.  6.Once a selection is made the winning supplier will be alerted as well as notification to the other suppliers. 7.Optional approvals may take place before the order is transmitted to the winning vendor.

Q: How many print vendors did you find to be optimal for your preferred vendor list?

A:  We are pleased with our current vendor base; (about 50) if anything I would anticipate a downward trend in that number due to the current economic climate and the attending industry consolidation.


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