Q: Why make use of smaller suppliers? Can you sum advantages?


This is more of a question of locality rather than general size or sales volume.   However generally speaking, local and regional providers are often "smaller" than suppliers with a larger footprint.  Many print jobs, particularly in the Sales and Marketing arena, require rapid turnaround times (frequently under three weeks). Having a vendor close by to review production and design, as well as ensure on-time delivery is important.  Buyers who purchase print services on a continuing basis are unlikely (and sometimes unwise) to seek vendors too far outside of their locale.  Print vendors vary considerably, both in their ability to accommodate large volumes of work, as well as the quality of that work. The appropriate vendor for each individual print job will vary along with the size of the run and the quality of the collateral.  Sourcing to a “too limited” group of vendors to supply print is not only difficult, it may be impractical.