Accruals Accounting is part of every company’s accounting processes.   After listening to our customers feedback on their accrual needs and how we might help, we delivered a new accrual report, “RNI” (Received Not Invoiced), in a recent Service Pack release. A few of our customers are in the process of testing and adopting it into their business practices.  But I thought it might help those of you who have yet to utilize this feature if we share some of the facts:


Key points on the RNI report: 
  • The report contains purchase order transactional data used as the accumulators to generate accruals. 
  • The customer can create their own custom calculations based on their unique accounting practices
  • The report can be scheduled to run automatically by accounting period, emailed to the appropriate users, update the data in excel for accrual journal entry into their financial system.


I'm very interested to hear how the reports are being utilized in the field. So, I have a few questions for you...
  • Have you seen the new report?
  • Do you plan to adopt it into your accounting practices?
  • If so, can you share your experience?  The calculations you are using?  How are you using the date ranges?  How have you scheduled it to run?


If you have questions about using the report, post them here and let’s generate a user discussion with others, and share ideas, tips, comments. With this type of functionality, you'll get the most out of this new report by talking with other Ariba users and finding out valuable information that you can readily take back to your desk and put it to use!


Beth Arvidson, C.P.M., Solutions Manager, Ariba, Inc.